Lecture Notes for ASTR 340 - ORIGIN OF UNIVERSE with Ostriker at Maryland (UMD)

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  • Uncomfortable
  • Heliocentric Theory
  • Different Points
  • Heliocentric Model
  • Complicated
  • Progression
  • Observations
  • Relative Size
  • The Renaissance
  • Renaissance
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1 9/5/06 1 Lecture 2 : Early Cosmology ?Before cosmology ?Greek astronomy/cosmology ?The Renaissance (part 1) THIS WEEK: Read Chapter 2 of text 9/5/06 2 I : UN-AIDED OBSERVERS ?Imagine a time before satellites, planes, telephones, telescopes. ?What would you conclude about the world using just your own senses? ?Earth is at rest (i.e., motionless) ?Earth is flat ?Sun, Moon, planets, stars move in the sky (from East to West) ?Occasional bizarre things happen (comets, meteors) 9/5/06 3 II : GREEK COSMOLOGY ?First culture to look at world in the "modern scientific way" ?They. ?Understood the idea of cause and effect ?Applied logic to try to understand the world ?Assumed that the Universe is fundamentally knowable ?Sought to describe the Universe mathematically ?Understood the importance of comparing theory with data ?BUT. ?Theoretical principles -- especially geometric symmetry -- came first, with observations subsidiary The spherical Earth ?Greeks knew the Earth was a sphere! ...

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