Lecture Notes for BLAW 3150 - Business Law I with Trosch at UNC - Charlotte (UNCC)

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Material Type:Note
Class:BLAW 3150 - Business Law I
Subject:Business Law
University:University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Term:Spring 2010
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Business Law Amendments: 8: every person has right to be free on bond/bail during a trial - bond hearing - amount of money to be put up with court - if defendant can?t afford bond, he?ll be incarcerated - bonding company is paid a premium & guarantees the defendant will show up - if def or crime is gruesome, bond will not be allowed o ex: OJ Simpson murder trial: he tried to flee & threatened suicide - prohibits excessive bail & cruel & unusual punishment 9: Rights in addition to those specified in constitution 10: powers delegated to the federal govt. nor denied neither delegated to the states are reserved to the states & to the people Due Process: 1. Procedural due process a. If fed govt. tries to deprive you of property, they must give you due process i. Ex: interstate highway will run through your land?they can condemn your property but they must pay you fair market value of property?jury must determine fair market price of l...
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