Lecture Notes for PSYC 1315 - INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY with Cox at Texas - Arlington (UTA)

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Material Type:Note
University:University of Texas - Arlington
Term:Fall 2010
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1 1 CHAPTER 1 Psychology - scientific study of behavior and mental process Science - in psychology, the use of systematic methods to observe, describes, predict, and explain behavior Behavior - everything we do that can be directly observed Mental behavior - the thoughts, feelings, and motives that each of us experiences privately but that cannot be observed directly Wundt : 1. Founded the first psychology lab with his coworker in 1879 at Uni. of Leipzig in Germany 2. MD 3. Founder or Father of modern psychology 4. Proper way to study mental events was to conduct experiments. Structuralism - an early school of psychology that attempted to identify the structures of the human mind. (An early school psychology, structuralists tried to understand the mind by breaking it down into basic parts, much as a chemist might try to understand chemical compound) Edward Titchner (1867-1927) ? 1. Proposed that immediate experiences could be broken dow...
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