Lecture Notes for EECS 723 - Microwave Engineering with Stiles at Kansas (KU)

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Material Type:Review Sheet
Class:EECS 723 - Microwave Engineering
Subject:Elect Engr & Computer Science
University:University of Kansas
Term:Spring 2007
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1/22/2007 EECS 723 intro 1/3 Jim Stiles The Univ. of Kansas Dept. of EECS EECS 723-Microwave Engineering Teacher: "Bart, do you even know your multiplication tables?" Bart: " Well, I know of them". Like Bart and his multiplication tables, many electrical engineers know of the concepts of microwave engineering. Concepts such as characteristic impedance, scattering parameters, Smith Charts and the like are familiar, but often we find that a complete, thorough and unambiguous understanding of these concepts can be somewhat lacking. Thus, the goals of this class are for you to: 1. Obtain a complete, thorough, and unambiguous understanding of the fundamental concepts on microwave engineering. 2. Apply these concepts to the design and analysis of useful microwave devices. Almost all the devices we study will be both linear and time- invariant. Thus, almost all our analysis will have at it root the mathematics of linear, time-invariant systems....

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