Lecture Notes for POL 352.00 - Human Rights with Parodi at Illinois State (ILSTU)

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Material Type:Study Guide 1
Class:POL 352.00 - Human Rights
Subject:Politics and Government
University:Illinois State University
Term:Fall 2008
  • International Human Rights
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Test Questions
  • United Nations
  • Universality
  • Following List
  • Declaration
  • Implications
  • Imperialism
  • Overlapping
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Exam 1 Test Questions Four (4) questions will be chosen at random from the following list. Students will answer two (2) of them. 1. Write a brief essay about the content of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Preamble and thirty articles). 2. Explain the concept of "international society" and its implications for the implementation of international human rights. 3. Briefly describe the stages of development of international human rights since the adoption of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 4. Explain the concept of "historical or anthropological universality." 5. Explain the concept of "functional universality." 6. Explain the concept of "overlapping consensus universality." 7. What criteria should be used to evaluate particular variations in conception and implementation of internationally recognized human rights? Use an example to explain your answer. 8. Write a brief essay comparing imperialism with human rights universalism. 9. Write a brief essay as...

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