Lecture Notes for ANTH 02203 - Introduction to Archeology with Hill at Rowan (RU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:ANTH 02203 - Introduction to Archeology
University:Rowan University
Term:Fall 2010
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Stacy Blauvelt Professor Schenk ICC 23 April 2010 Texting While Driving: Morally or Legally Wrong? The first cell phone was invented in April 1973 by a man named Dr. Martin Cooper. The purpose of the first cell phone was to be portable and to make phone calls. Thirty years later, cell phones come in all different shapes and sizes. Some can go on the Internet, and others can work as a GPS (Global Positioning System). Almost every cell phone that is being sold today can do these things, and can call or text message people. A text message is a message sent from a cell phone to another cell phone. Texting has become a popular trend among cell phone users, especially teenagers. According to Edgar Snyder and Associates, a law firm representing injured people, wrote an article on texting while driving called ?Car Accident Cell Phone Statistics? and it says that 56% of teenagers admit to using their phone while driving, and 13% admitted to texting while driving. Among these t...
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