Lecture Notes for WGSS 379 - ST: SEX, POWER & POLITICS with Hoyt at Richmond (UR)

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Material Type:Class Note
Subject:Women/Gender/Sexuality Studies
University:University of Richmond
Term:Fall 2008
  • Appropriate Accommodations
  • Implicit Attitudes
  • Benevolent Sexism
  • Development Theory
  • Feminist Anthropology
  • Masculinities
  • Accommodations
  • Academic Accommodations
  • Unauthorized
  • Circumstances
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GENDER AND LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP 390/ PSYCHOLOGY 359/WGSS 379- FALL 2008 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Liz Faier INSTRUCTOR: EMAIL: efaier@richmond.edu PHONE:TBA OFFICE HOURS: TBA & BY APPT. OFFICE LOCATION: TBA COURSE TIME AND Dr. Crystal Hoyt EMAIL: choyt@richmond.edu PHONE: 804-287-6825 OFFICE HOURS: WED 10-11:30AM & APPT. OFFICE LOCATION: 132 Jepson Hall LOCATION: Tuesday, Thursday 11:15-12:30pm, Jepson Hall 107 http://blackboard.richmond.edu COURSE WEBSITE: READINGS: The readings for this course primarily consist of readings that can be accessed on ereserves or through online databases. In addition, three books are assigned for this course (see below). The readings may change slightly and other readings may be assigned during the semester. The assigned readings provide the background and context for classroom lecture and discussion, therefore, you should read the readings before the class period during which they are discussed. Bravo, E. (2007). Taking on the big boys: or Why feminism is good for families, ...

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