Lecture Notes for MTH 122 - Calc with Analytic Geom II with Bannon at Essex County College (ESSEX)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:MTH 122 - Calc with Analytic Geom II
University:Essex County College
Term:Spring 2000
  • Effective Way
  • Calculators
  • Any Questions
  • Traditional
  • Trigonometric
  • Definitions
  • Manipulation
  • Substitution
  • Responsibility
  • Specific Examples
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Essex County College Division of Mathematics and Physics Syllabus for MTH 122 - Calculus II Spring 2005 Lecturer: Ron Bannon Office: 2208 Phone: 973-877-1886 Email: bannon@essex.edu Course Blog: http://mth-122-2005-spring.blogspot.com Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 7:45-8:20; 10:15-10:50 Office Hours by appointment: Tuesday, and Thursday 1:00-2:05 . General Education Goals: The aggregate of the core courses will have the following goals: (Note: Each core course need not address all four goals.) - Cultural awareness - To enable students to become more aware of the different per- spectives emanating from a culturally diverse population; - Critical thinking and problem solving - To emphasize critical thinking and prob- lem solving; to the extent possible, to include quantitative reasoning and research skills, including accessing information from a variety of sources and media; - Communication - To enable students to increase proficiency in writing, reading, speak- ing, and listen...

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