Lecture Notes for POLS 2302 - American Public Policy: Online Only with Mayer at Texas Tech (TTU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:POLS 2302 - American Public Policy: Online Only
University:Texas Tech University
Term:Fall 2010
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American Public Policy 8/30/10 Introduction to Public Policy ? Definition: a set of governmental actions including but not limited to legislation and defined in terms of a common purpose. Public policy has an ever-growing impact on our lives. Policy analysis involves description of policy and alternatives, the issues that give rise to policies. ? People on the right, ideologically committed to limited gov. allow the growth of the public sector. People on the left generally have more faith in the ability and duty of gov. to provide for basic needs and to seek social justice. ? Technology entails functional specialization and increasing interdependence. Reasons for the Failure of Public Policies to Achieve Their Goals ? A lack of agreement as to what the issues are. Are we really having a healthcare crisis? Is home ownership an entitlement? ? May not be an agreeable solution. ? Peace settlement in Palestine may not be reached because the mini...
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