Lecture Notes for NURS 375 - Applied Human Nutrition at University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:NURS 375 - Applied Human Nutrition
University:University of Hawaii at Hilo
  • Adequate Intake (ai)
  • Antioxidant
  • Beta-Carotene
  • Xerophthalmia
  • Osteomalacia
  • Salad Dressings
  • Carotenoids
  • Alpha-Tocopherol
  • Polyunsaturated
  • Fat Soluble Vitamins
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The Fat-Soluble Vitamins A, D, E, and K Vitamin A And Beta-Carotene Retinoids and carotenoids Vitamin A activity Retinol-binding protein (RBP) Roles in the body Vitamin A in vision Roles in the body Vitamin A in reproduction and growth Beta-carotene as an antioxidant Recommendations Retinol activity equivalents (RAE) Vitamin A in foods The colors of vitamin A foods Vitamin A-poor fast foods Vitamin A-rich liver In Summary Other names Retinol Retinal Retinoic acid Precursors are carotenoids such as beta-carotene 2001 RDA Men: 900 µg RAE/day Women: 700 µg RAE/day Upper level for adults: 3000 µg/day Chief functions in the body Vision Maintenance of cornea, epithelial cells, mucous membranes, skin Bone and tooth growth Reproduction Immunity Significant sources Retinol: fortified milk, cheese, cream, butter, fortified margarine, eggs, liver Beta-carotene: spinach and other dark leafy greens; broccoli, deep orange fruits (apricots, cantaloupe) and vegetables (squash, carro...

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