Lecture Notes for CCI 150 - Communication/Information Age with Gary at Tennessee (UTK)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:CCI 150 - Communication/Information Age
University:University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Term:Fall 2009
  • The Newspaper
  • Cross-Ownership
  • Information Age
  • Clear Channel
  • Universities
  • Demassification
  • Entertainment
  • Traditional
  • Objectivity
  • Specialized
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Books Key Topics from Book and Lecture: Why did Gutenberg change everything and what did he do? About when did this happen? Which book is Gutenberg most closely associated with? (You saw pictures of it in class.) Be sure to know very specifically what Gutenberg developed. • Gutenburg (1400s); he invented movable metal type, NOT the printing press. He is best know n from printing bibles Know the major book categories and what sort of books fall within those. Know (generally) about how many books are best sellers vs. how many break even and how many lose money. • • Tradebooks (Pleasure); just going and looking at books. 4% make money, 60% lose money, 36% break even Textbook; professional/ reference books, college textbooks, encyclopedia, bible Know the major types of book publishers as discussed in class. • • Major House Book Industry Consolation Understand books marketing and evaluation and how those relate to the elitist/populist model • Paperback books, electronic books, buying books, populis...

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