Lecture Notes for GMUS 203 - MUSIC IN AMERICA [C2VPA] with Connell at James Madison (JMU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Subject:General Education Music
University:James Madison University
  • Urban Folk Song Movement
  • Francis James Child
  • Trajes De Charro
  • Archive of American Folk Song
  • Sesquialtera
  • Broadside Ballads
  • Electronophones
  • Mestizo Culture
  • Mexican Son
  • Call and Response
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GMUS 203: Music in America Dr. Andrew Connell Fall Semester 2007 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE INTRODUCTION Culture- Learned/Shared set of beliefs that defines a group of people. Enculturation- learned culture by participation Acculturation- two separate cultures affect each other Appropriation- to make use of to make ones own a trait taken from another culture Intra-cultural exchange- exchange within culture Inter-cultural exchange- exchange with outside cultures Eurocentric- judging a culture against European culture Organology- study of musical instruments Aerophones- wind (saxophone) Chordophones- string (guitar) Membranophones- vibrating membrane (drum) Idiophones- object vibrates itself by hitting it (rattle) Electronophones- electrical instruments Sound & perception Frequency = pitch Amplitude = volume (loud or soft) Spectrum = timbre(quality) Rhythm- organized patterns of movements though time Meter- musical time organized into groups of steady pulses. Rubato- no meter (chant) Melody- a distinctive series of ...

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