Lecture Notes for POLS 1101 - American Government with Hood at Georgia (UGA)

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Material Type:Note
Class:POLS 1101 - American Government
Subject:Political Science
University:University of Georgia
Term:Fall 2010
  • Federal Court Structure
  • Policy Implementation
  • Head of State
  • Written Constitution
  • Impeachment
  • Chief of State
  • Particularly
  • Head of Government
  • Assassination
  • White House Office
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The Presidency: The Presidency and the Constitution ? One of the primary problems that occupied the Framers was how much power could they safely cede to the office of the presidency o Used to just be the president and VP?cabinet evolved into existence ? Presidential authority o Offered the nation efficiency and decisiveness o But also, threat of tyranny o Wanted to have an individual exec branch to be a check against legislative branch (most powerful) Resolution of the Problem ? To resolve the problem they... o Withheld nonessential authority from office (check on exec appointments) o And included legislative checks on executive prerogatives (vetoes, can be overridden with super majority of both houses) ? The president?s constitutional powers do not add up to the forceful character of the modern presidency (started with FDR) The Modern Presidency ? Sources of power (not from Constitution) o Congressional Delegation o Presid...

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