Lecture Notes for CS 662 - Artificial Intelligence Prog with Brooks at University of San Francisco (USF)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:CS 662 - Artificial Intelligence Prog
Subject:Computer Science
University:University of San Francisco (CA)
  • Finding Gold
  • Particularly
  • Propositional
  • Conjunctive
  • Contradiction
  • Definitions
  • Propositional Logic
  • Conjunction
  • Relationships
  • Implications
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Artificial Intelligence Programming Intro to Knowledge Representation Chris Brooks Department of Computer Science University of San Francisco Depa ment o Compute Science - Un ve s ty o San anc sco - p ?? 10-2: Introduc ion . So far, we've talked about search, which is a means of considering alternative possibilities. ? The way in which problem states were represented was typically pretty straightforward. . The other aspect of many AI problems involves representing possible states. . Our choice of representation influences: ? The problems our agent is able to solve. ? The sorts of environments an agent can deal with. ? The complexity of search ? The sophistication of our agent. Depa tment o Compute Sc ence - Unive s ty o San ancisco - p 2 ?? 10-3: Knowledge Representation . Choices we'll look at include: ? Logic-based approaches . Propositional logic . First-order logic . Ontologies ? Logic is a flexible, well-understood, powerful, versatile way to represent knowledge. ? Often fits w...

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