Lecture Notes for PSYC 1001 - GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY at Colorado (CU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
University:University of Colorado - Boulder
Term:Spring 2004
  • Dissociation Theory
  • Choice Blindness
  • Stages of Change
  • Perceptual Set
  • Relative Clarity
  • Sleep Spindles
  • Automatic Processes
  • Sleepwalking
  • Stream of Consciousness
  • Deprivation
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Study Guide for General Psychology Test #3 Chapter 6: What is selective attention? How is it demonstrated by the cocktail party effect? What is change blindness? change deafness? choice blindness? (see textbook p. 239) What is the Necker cube? What is figure- ground? How is it demonstrated by the face-vase illusion? What does the Gestalt notion that "the whole is more (or different) than the sum of its parts" mean? What is the Gestalt principle of proximity? similarity? continuity? closure? What are binocular cues to depth perception (e.g., retinal disparity, convergence)? monocular cues (e.g., relative size, interposition, relative clarity, relative height linear perspective, brightness, light and shadows)? What is the phi phenomenon? perceptual constancy? perceptual set? What can people who have had their vision restored after many years perceive? What can they not perceive? What is perceptual adaptation? perceptual set? Extrasensory perception: What is it? What is telepathy? clairvoyance...

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