Lecture Notes for BLAW 2361 - LEGAL ENVIRON with Bible at Texas State (TSUSM)

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Material Type:Note
Subject:Business Law
University:Texas State University - San Marcos
Term:Fall 2010
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Click Wrap/Shrink Wrap Agreements ? ?I agree to the terms? etc.. (p.270) Advertisements don?t count as offers ? Price quotes can say widget for sale for $40, but doesn?t count as offer Person sending email is not at fault if other person doesn?t check email Communication To Offeree (Or Agent) Fiduciary Relationship ? ? Communication to agent counts as communication to principal o ie, secretary gets IRS notification, but forgets about it. Smith still liable o Smith has cause of action against the secretary for penalty costs Definitiveness ? Vague contracts aren?t binding ? Bible owns 3 parcels of land. Written agreement, both signed, says its binding ? Contract says in 14 days we?ll decide which parcel to buy o This contract is NOT definite. Its not binding, even if it says so You can revoke offer legally because contract isn?t legally binding b/c no consideration on customers part ? You can make it legally binding if give $5 for them to hold promi...
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