Lecture Notes for MATH 3333 - Intermediate Analysis at Houston (UH)

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Material Type:Review Sheet
Class:MATH 3333 - Intermediate Analysis
University:University of Houston
  • Particularly
  • Either...or
  • Contradiction
  • Assumptions
  • Definitions
  • Contrapositive
  • Several Times
  • Necessary Condition
  • False Statement
  • Consideration
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Math 3333 - Intermediate Analysis - David Blecher Logic and deductive reasoning (Chapter 1, Lay) The following will be a review for some, so we will move quickly. You probably will need to read this carefully several times, as well as the additional discussion/examples in the textbook. . Statement: a phrase that is either true or false, but not both. Mathematics consists entirely of statements, and is thus either right or wrong. Be sure that your 'statements' are properly written, and have meaning (make sense). A statement which is true is also sometimes called 'valid', or is said 'to hold'. . Example of a statement: 'Seven is an even number'. Example of a non-statement: 'This sentence is false'. Or: 'Houston is a nice place to live'. . Sometimes we give a statement a name. For example, let Q be the statement: Seven is an odd number. Or, if x is a real number, let P(x) be the statement: x2 ?5x + 3 ? 0. Note P(0) is true here, but P(1) is false. . Where things live: In mathematics, it is very impo...

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