Lecture Notes for HD 101 - Life Span Humn Develpmnt with Scofield at Alabama (UA)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:HD 101 - Life Span Humn Develpmnt
Subject:HD-Human Developmt Family Stdy
University:University of Alabama
Term:Spring 2009
  • Preformationism
  • Psychosocial Moratorium
  • Genetic Epistemology
  • Identity Vs. Identity Confusion
  • Rhythmicity
  • Onlooker Play
  • Cognitive Distortion
  • Quality of Mood
  • Lamaze Method
  • Reflex Activity
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HD 101\nLECTURE OUTLINES HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 101\n\nSPRING 2009 DR. JASON SCOFIELD\nRequired Text: Human Development (4th edition) by Kail & Cavanaugh Phone: 348 - 4057 or 348 - 6158 (HDFS Main Office) E-mail: scofield@ches.ua.edu Office: 222 Child Development Research Center course website (url): http://www.ches.ua.edu/departments/hd/faculty/scofield/hd101\n\n1\n\n Chapter 1 - INTRODUCTION, THEORY, AND RESEARCH INTRODUCTION\n\nmultidisciplinary study\n\ndevelopmental psychology\n\npsychology - the scientific study of the mind and behavior\n\ndevelopment - growth and change across the lifespan\n\ngeneral principles - universal changes that occur during development\n\nindividual differences - differences in the timeline of children\n\nbiological - changes in physical characteristics\n\ncognitive - changes in thoughts, intelligence\n\nsocioemotional - changes in relationships with others\n\nenvironmental - changes in the external world\n\n2\n\n THEORY theory - set of propositions (or statements) that describe, ex...

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