Lecture Notes for PSY 3315 - ABNRML PSY with Schepis at Texas State (TSUSM)

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Material Type:Note
Class:PSY 3315 - ABNRML PSY
University:Texas State University - San Marcos
Term:Fall 2010
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Biopsychosocial Model One- vs. Multi-dimensional Models One-Dimensional Models -Explaining behavior in terms of a single cause -Problem: other information is often ignored Multidimensional Models -Many factors cause and maintain suffering -Abnormal behavior is multiply determined Gene-Environment Interactions Reciprocal Gene- Environment Model -Examples include depression, divorce, and impulsivity Non-Genomic Inheritance of Behavior -Environmental influences may override genetic influences -Genes are not the whole story -__________ can turn genes on and off (changing your personality etc) BRAIN Cerebral cortex : this is what makes personality, separates us from dogs etc the Forebrain -Lobes of Cerebral cortex -Frontal: thinking and reasoning abilities, memory, self-control, social interaction, inhibitions, interests, what drives us -Parietal: touch recognition -Occipital: integrates visual input -Temporal: recognitio...
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