Lecture Notes for CJS 102.00 - Individuals, Society, and Justice with Weisheit at Illinois State (ILSTU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:CJS 102.00 - Individuals, Society, and Justice
Subject:Criminal Justice Sciences
University:Illinois State University
Term:Spring 2008
  • Particularly
  • Malnourished
  • Failed States
  • Consequences
  • Primary School
  • Traditional
  • Organization
  • Distinction
  • The Medicine
  • Concentrated
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CHILDREN AT WAR STUDY GUIDE AUTHORS NOTES: 1. How did the issue of child soldiers come to the attention of the author? He first became interested in child soldiers through his prior study of Coporate Warriors, which looks at another new participant in war, private business, that nor carry out the jobs that soldiers used to perform. 2. Why is it important to understand this issue? Because until we understand the nature of the problem and what to do about it, we can, at least, only express how terrible and tragic it is. 3. How did he conduct his research for the book? Where did he get his information? He relied on an extensive body of primary and secondary literature from a number of disparate fields, including psychiatry, pediatric medicine, anthropology, military history, sociology and political science. CHAPTER 1: 1. What is the “law of innocents” and to whom does it apply? Special immunity was usually given to certain groups: the old, the infirm, women and most of all children. 2. How is the distinction...

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