Lecture Notes for GEOG 06102 - Cultural Geography with Moore at Rowan (RU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:GEOG 06102 - Cultural Geography
University:Rowan University
Term:Fall 2010
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Stephanie Russo Dr. Zachary A. Moore Cultural Geography Final Exam Review Sheet 1. Understand the concepts of acculturation and assimilation. a. Be able to select examples of the concepts from hypothetical scenarios. 2. Understand the concepts of preadaptation and maladaptation. a. Be able to select examples of each from hypothetical and/or real-world examples. 3. Be familiar with the notion of race and ethnicity. a. Understand how these two terms are different and understand why one term is valid while the other has been discredited. 4. Understand the concepts of an ethnic homeland, ethnic island, ethnic neighborhood, ethnic ghetto and an ethnic substrate. a. Know how each one is defined, how they differ, and be able to select examples from real-world examples. b. Be familiar with the life cycle of an ethnic ghetto. 5. Understand why isolation is a salient concept when studying ethnic immigrant groups. 6. Understand the concepts of...
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