Lecture Notes for PSYC 2000 - INTR TO PSYC with Knapp at Louisiana State (LSU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:PSYC 2000 - INTR TO PSYC
University:Louisiana State University
Term:Fall 2009
  • Cognitive Approach
  • Phenomenological Approach
  • Blind Design
  • William James
  • Participant
  • Observation
  • Convenience
  • Expectancy Effects
  • Humanistic Approach
  • The Independent
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Psychology 2000 Chapter 1 - Introduction to the History and Science of Psychology Psychology – study of the human mind and behavior Can trace many of psychology’s current questions back through human history Origins of thoughts, emotions Empiricism – senses experimentation John Locke – tabula rasa – blank slate (born with ability and reflexes but not knowledge) Approaches to Psychology Wundt and Titchener – Structuralism Wundt established first psychological lab in Leipzig, Germany, in 1879. Edward Titchener brought Wundt’s ideas to the U.S. Wundt defined psychology as study of structure of conscious experience. Introspection – participants (P’s) were exposed to different type of stimuli, then reported their sensations and feelings that were associated with that stimuli. Gestalt psychology – you can’t study perception by breaking it down into its structural parts – you had to look at the experience as a whole. Wertheimer. Based on the observation, we often experience things that are no...

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