Lecture Notes for EGR 315 - Electronic Circuits I at Grand Valley State (GVSU)

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Material Type:Note 2
Class:EGR 315 - Electronic Circuits I
University:Grand Valley State University
  • Matrix Equation
  • Approximations
  • Output Voltage
  • Engineering
  • Input Voltage
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TMY, F01 1 GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY Padnos School of Engineering EGR 315, NOTE #2 Ninety Degree Phase Shifter A ninety-degree phase shift without attenuation can be obtained by using a single transistor circuit. This circuit will be ninety degrees at only one frequency. The output is phase shifted ninety degrees with respect to the input. The ninety-degree phase shift circuit is shown in figure 1. The small signal equivalent circuit model is shown in figure 2. It is this circuit that will be analyzed to determine the output voltage, v o , as a function of the input voltage, v i . V CC FIG. 2 v O v E v C -jX C R R C R C h fe i b r ? ib v i v o FIG. 1 R C C R C R v i ? ? = r vv i Ei b At v E , () 0 jX vv R v ih1 C OE C E bfe = ? ? +++? At v C , 0 R vv R v i OC C C bfe ...
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