Lecture Notes for ACCT 240 - Financial Accounting at Western Washington (WWU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:ACCT 240 - Financial Accounting
University:Western Washington University
Term:Summer 2007
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • Concentrated Marketing
  • Contingency Approaches
  • Planned Change
  • Forecasting Sales
  • Benefit Segmentation
  • Markup Pricing
  • Line Extension
  • Demand-Based Pricing
  • Demand Based Pricing
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1 MBA 510c Strategic Cost Management Concepts and Tools, Summer 2007 MBA 510c assumes that students arrive with a good foundation in financial accounting. Please read the description below and assess yourself honestly. If you feel that you cannot met the levels of comprehension assumed in the topics listed, please obtain a copy of Robert N. Anthony and Leslie K. Pearlman, Essentials of Accounting, 7 th ed., published by Prentice-Hall, and work through all, or the relevant parts, of the text. This is a programmed self-study text and you should be able to progress very quickly. Levels of comprehension expected I will use the following terms and definitions: Recognize: I know this relates to accounting. Aware: I know some of the main facts about this. Define: I can recite a definition of this. Understand: I can explain this to someone else. Calculate: I can compute this number. Prepare: I can write a journal entry to record this or assemble a schedule showin...

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