Lecture Notes for BU 294 - Intro to Information Systems with Tollison at Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:BU 294 - Intro to Information Systems
University:Mississippi University for Women
Term:Fall 2006
  • Better Information
  • Information
  • Economic Environment
  • Service Work
  • Management Information Systems (mis)
  • Particularly
  • Organization
  • The Economy
  • Horizontally
  • Immediate Access
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Introduction to MIS August 28 – September 1  What is MIS? o In the past, most workers were dedicated to physically producing products. Today, the overwhelming majority of employees are knowledge workers. A knowledge worker is a person that works with and produces information (p. 4). o Management information systems (MIS) is the planning, development, management, and use of information technology tools to help people use information more effectively (p. 4). o The sole focus of MIS is not technology. Instead, MIS focuses on how people interact with technology in order to maximize the effectiveness of information (p. 5). o Examples of ways MIS can help your organization:     Know and understand your competition. Know your customers and provide them better service. Work closely with business partners, particularly suppliers. Know your organization better.  Trends in Today’s Economic Environment: o Several terms have emerged to describe trends in today’s changing economic environment. ...

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