Lecture Notes for ECE 4514 - Digital Design II at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:ECE 4514 - Digital Design II
Subject:Electrical & Computer Engineer
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
  • Structural Model
  • Implementation
  • Descriptions
  • Association
  • Representations
  • Sensitivity
  • Declaration
  • Architecture
  • System Level
  • Implementing
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Midterm review Or, Everything I need to know I learned in ECE 4514. (well, almost.) Martin 2003 2 General format z Roughly 30% will be short answer z The rest will be long answer z Closed book, closed notes, closed neighbor Martin 2003 3 Topics z Design process z Entities, architectures, processes . Structural, dataflow, algorithmic descriptions . Sensitivity lists, wait statements, sequential statements . Signal, variable assignments z Concurrent/sequential signal assignments z Identifiers z Data types: Literals, built-in types, enumerated types, arrays, records, etc. z Assert statements z Attributes z Subprograms: Procedures, functions z Waveform drivers, types of delay, waveform updating z Macro/micro time z Packages/libraries Martin 2003 4 Things you should be able to do z Examples: z Given two architectures, do they give the same behavior? z Write a function/procedure/architecture that does X. (Roughly 10-30 lines of code) . Syntax matters...

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