Lecture Notes for HIST 2215 - THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION with Babicz at Colorado (CU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
University:University of Colorado - Boulder
Term:Spring 2009
  • Pontiac's Rebellion
  • American Revolution
  • Hard Currency
  • Montesquieu
  • Direct Response
  • Circumstances
  • Primogeniture
  • Boston Massacre
  • Great Britain
  • Republicanism
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American Revolution Exam I Review TERMS The “Grand Settlement” • Peace between the Indians and the French • Made French settlement in Mississippi possible because of Iroquois neutrality Funded Debt • Government takes an annual budget – sets some of it aside – pays minimum amount on debts • Alexander Hamilton, o Estimating the total public debt at $77.1 million, called for the issuance of new federal bonds to cover the debt. o By assuming the obligation to pay this debt, the government firmly established its good credit. o The system of debt management instituted by Hamilton worked well to consolidate the debt and permit the government to make interest payments as they came due (as well as to secure the faith and credit of the government in the new United States and abroad). Primogeniture • A British Real Estate Law • All of the land that a father owns passes to his eldest son when he dies • The colonies adopted this idea as part of their drive to emulate the British as much as possible...

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