Lecture Notes for ELEC 195 - CIRCUIT THEORY II with Khabari at Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT)

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  • Either...or
  • Rectangular
  • Small Number
  • Total Length
  • Combination
  • Responsibility
  • You Have...
  • Complex Number
  • Real Number
  • Decimal Places
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Page 1 TI-86 COMPLEX NUMBERS (1-1) (2-1a) (2-1b) 1. Choosing the Correct Format Before entering complex numbers into the TI-86 for calculations or conversions, you must tell it the format you are going to use to enter information and the format you want it to use to display results back to you. <2nd> for the "Mode" screen (1-1). When you first enter this screen, there will be a blinking cursor, some text in normal video and some text in reverse video. The items in reverse video are the current settings for the TI-86. To choose different settings, use the cursor keys to place the blinking cursor on the desired value and push . When you move the cursor, you will see that your selection is now in reverse video. For complex numbers, you will have to choose between radians and degrees and rectangular and polar formats. to Radian/Degree and choose the desired format. This will affect how the TI-86 interprets angles you give it and how it displays angles back to you. In...

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