Lecture Notes for FDM 1303 - Introduction to Mass Communication with Darden at Baylor (BU)

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Material Type:Review Sheet
Class:FDM 1303 - Introduction to Mass Communication
Subject:Film Digital Media
University:Baylor University
Term:Fall 2009
  • Technological Convergence
  • Framing Theory
  • Talking Head
  • Architectural Form
  • Information Society
  • Syndication
  • Unauthorized
  • Jazz Singer
  • Clear Channel
  • Entertainment
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1 HOW TO STUDY y Make sure you understand the glossary of terms in the margins of the textbook y After you read a chapter, do the Stop & Review questions y Re-read the Summary and Review section at the end of each chapter y Understand generally WHEN (chronologically) new technologies emerge y LECTURES y The PowerPoint s are on Blackboard. They re just a bare outline fill those in with your lecture notes y I m not interested so much in HOW a certain technology works or a SPECIFIC date as I am in your understanding how it fits together historically (how we got from here to there) and WHY something is important y Film clips are (generally) shown for a reason. Make sure you know the main facts about each clip (title, what the film was about, why it was shown). y If I said something was important in class, you can probably expect to see it on this test or the final exam. y I m not trying to trick you on the True/False or Multiple Guess questions I just want to know if you were paying attention True or False 1. 2. ...

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