Lecture Notes for ANTH 2 - INTRO CULT ANTHRO with Walsh at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)

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Material Type:Class Note
University:University of California - Santa Barbara
Term:Fall 2009
  • Revitalization Movements
  • Clientelism
  • Egalitarian
  • Internal Conflict
  • Stratified Societies
  • Pastoralists
  • Transgender
  • Plantations
  • Bilateral Kinship
  • Organization
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Anth 2 - Study Guide Thursday 8 am Section 11/02/09 Family, Kinship, Community Kinship -Who is your family? Brother, sister, Mother. -Who lives together? In your household -Who shares what? Circulating resources like sharing your house and food. -Biological or social relation? Is it your mother, aunt, uncle, or cousin? -Flexible and cultural -Kinship defines the basic relationships of belonging. Descent and ancestry -Ancestry: where do you come from? -Matrilineal: Mother side (good way to remember this is by relating to Spanish word “Madre” which means mother) -Patrilineal: Fathers side (again, Good way to remember is the word “Padre” means father) -Inheritance and succession Modern Families -Nuclear Family: Typical white family with two kids a mother and a father. Basically the typical American family that was common back in the days. -For ex: “Leave it to beaver” = 40.3% of the families in 1970 were married and had two kids. -Extended Family: multi-generational, for ex: cousins living with you. ...

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