Lecture Notes for BLAW 3150 - Business Law I with Trosch at UNC - Charlotte (UNCC)

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Material Type:Note
Class:BLAW 3150 - Business Law I
Subject:Business Law
University:University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Term:Fall 2010
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BLAW 3150 1/15/09 Objective: law is nothing more than a set of rules that govern human behavior. Civil law - responsibilities and duties when you relate to other people. Plaintiff is generally asking for damages. Criminal Law - wrong doing or miss behavior is against society of as a whole you can be fined and/or in prison. 2 nd degree murder- intentionally kill someone. 1 st degree- plot & kill someone. Contract law- lease apartment/lease, insurance contracts, job policies, service contracts, general service contracts(service auto, carpet house), 401K, Sales contracts (purchases). GUIDELINES for contract law -If you want to protect yourself, have a contract in writing and signed by both partners. ? -If the contract is going to spell out each parties rights/duties then you must read it before you sign it b/c you will be bound by it. - do diligence , before you enter into any transactions you must do your do diligence. Ex. Find out from contractor wh...
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