Lecture Notes for HON 2520 - The Age of Exploration with Byrne at Belmont (BU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:HON 2520 - The Age of Exploration
University:Belmont University
Term:Spring 2009
  • Anabaptists
  • Black Legend
  • Transubstantiation
  • Abomination
  • Particularly
  • 7 Sacraments
  • The Judgement
  • Predestination
  • Confessions
  • In/on/at a Place
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Reformation Leading up to… • • • • • There were still prince bishops ○ Church in political control Born, baptized right away ○ Followed by other sacraments Church takes care of all of your needs ○ Education, welfare, health-care, orphanages Civic grammar schools start – monopoly breaks down a bit ○ Universities still the church Hospitals still connected to the church, were also like nursing homes Simony – selling of indulgences – illegal trafficking of Church’s stuff ○ Simon saw Peter’s miracles, asked to buy Peter’s tricks ○ Peter: you can’t sell the things of God ○ i.e., selling the church’s positions ○ Protestants really sank teeth into Simony Church – rents, tolls, port taxes – had nothing to do with God Abuses of Sacerdotal Status ○ Use of spiritual powers for purely political reasons • • • ○ • Luther and Erasmus disagreed with this • • Black Death ○ Priests, notaries, health care professionals were at the death bed, so they often c...

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