Lecture Notes for COMM 600 - COMMUNICATION THRY with Brown at Radford (RU)

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Material Type:Outline
University:Radford University
Term:Fall 2008
  • Inoculation Theory
  • Spiral of Silence Theory
  • Schema Theory
  • Cultivation Theory
  • Bureaucratic Control
  • Interaction
  • Social Systems
  • Cohesiveness
  • Social Conventions
  • Accommodation
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Schema Theory  Schemas provide ways of organizing information about the social world and provide guides for understanding and interaction.  A schema begins whenever a person comes in contact with a new situation or idea.  Schemas help to predict future interactions. Attribution Theory  Looks for causal reasons that could be used to explain observed behavior.  An internal attribution locates the cause of a particular behavior within the person and an external attribution locates the cause of the behavior in the situation. Narrative Paradigm  Sees storytelling as the most basic and universal of all human activities.  The world is a set of stories from which we choose and constantly re-create our lives. Dramatism  Life is often played out in the dramatic tension of guilt and redemption cycles. Constructivism  There is a creative emergent process of the social reconstruction of reality as involving an interplay of individual processes and socially and historically constituted processes ...

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