Lecture Notes for ART 3784 - Euro & American Art Since 1900 with Van Hook at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Professor:Van Hook
Class:ART 3784 - Euro & American Art Since 1900
Subject:Art and Art History
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2008
  • Uncomfortable
  • The Joy of Life
  • Sentimental
  • Impressionism
  • Establishment
  • Birth of Venus
  • Perspective
  • Institutional
  • Orientalism
  • Everyday Life
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Art Since 1900 September 2, 2008 David- Oath of Horatai Beginning of Modern Art David was concerned with contemporary politics, his work was interpreted as taking a stand against French politics This is a French history painting- French dominated art until WWI-WWIIbecause of the academy Self sacrifice- willing to give life for country Status quo and establishment Against single authoritative establishment Was close association between gov’t and academic style Fransisco Goya Exact contemporary of david- was not mainstream work- provincial Stylistically and mood- david’s contemporary Stylistically David: sculptural- hard, highly detailed Goya: Painterly, soft, broad paint, not icy Mood David: enlightenment, philosophy, hope Goya: death of enlightenment, people are victims, not in control of their own fate- example in 3rd of May, 1814 Example of tradition that will be recognized later on- it’s not all about French paintings Ingres Student of David’s Won pris de Rome Different paintings than his teachers...

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