Lecture Notes for MKT 427 - INTERNATIONAL MKTG with Gomes at Clemson (Clemson)

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Material Type:Note
University:Clemson University
Term:Fall 2010
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Study Guide for Test 2 ? MKT 427/627 Chapter 5 ? Culture, Management Style, and Business Systems pp. 126- 127 Be able to define the term ?adaptation? and explain why it is important in international marketing. - Adaptation : affirmative acceptance, open tolerance, flexibility, humility, justice/fairness, ability to adjust to varying tempos, curiosity/interest, knowledge of the country, liking for others, ability to command, and ability to integrate oneself into an alien culture. - It is important in international marketing because you need to be able to handle misunderstandings and differences in culture. pp. 127- 129 Know the definition and be able to identify cultural imperatives, cultural electives, and cultural exclusives. - Cultural imperatives : the business customs and expectations that must be met and conformed to or avoided if relationships are to be successful, ex: establishing friendships - Cultural electives : relate to areas of behavior or to cust...
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