Lecture Notes for ACCT 305 - COST & MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING at Richmond (UR)

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Material Type:Class Note
University:University of Richmond
Term: 2008
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Posting Text and Media to Your Blog Open your browser and enter the address of your blog and press enter or return on your keyboard. Left click on the word Login under the heading Meta. Enter your blog username and password and click Login. Choose either of the two Dashboard options to create/write a post. Type you Title and Text as shown below. Then click the gray Browse button to search for media files on your computer. Choose your .m4a media file (or .m4v if you have images/video) and click on Open The file location will appear in the file window. Enter a Title for the file. And click on the Upload button. The Send to editor interface will appear. Do not change the default settings. Click on the Send to editor button. The code for the media will appear in the text box. Choose a Category for your post by clicking the checkbox next to your choice. Then click the Publish button. That will both save your post and publish it to your blog. The system will notify you that your post has ...
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