Lecture Notes for SPCH 2713 - INTRO TO SPCH COMMUNIC at Oklahoma State (OSU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Subject:Speech Communication
University:Oklahoma State University - Stillwater
Term:Spring 2008
  • Incremental Plagiarism
  • Impromptu Delivery
  • Two-Sided Argument
  • Contingency Approaches
  • Direct Pressure
  • Testimonial
  • Formal Structure
  • Substantiate
  • Types of Power
  • Subordinates
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Speech Final Study Guide 1 Chapter 9 Shultz’s human needs • Inclusion – The state of being involved with others: a human need • Affection – Emotion of caring for others/ and being cared for. Need to love and be loved. • Control – The ability to influence our environment • Batter able to control if we work together in groups What is Small-Group Communication? • Interaction among 3-9 people working together to achieve an interdependent goal – Must be small enough so member are aware that the group is a collective body – Interaction between members holds group together – Members are interdependent-cannot achieve goals without help from others. The Types and Functions of Small Groups • Task-oriented groups – Purpose of completing tasks such as solving a problem or making a decision. (ex. Group studying for an exam.) – Secondary groups • Relationship-oriented groups – Long-term and exist to meet our needs for inclusion and affection – Primary groups (ex family) • Assigned gro...

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