Lecture Notes for BU 294 - Intro to Information Systems with Tollison at Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

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Material Type:Note
Class:BU 294 - Intro to Information Systems
University:Mississippi University for Women
Term:Fall 2007
  • Rivalry Among Existing Competitors
  • Threat of Substitute Products or Services
  • Entry Barrier
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Business Intelligence (bi)
  • Competitors
  • Business-to-Business (b2b)
  • Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management (scm)
  • Collaboration
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Competitive Advantage September 7 – September 13  Introduction to Competitive Advantage: o Organizations may use information technology in creative ways to gain a competitive advantage. A company gains a competitive advantage by providing a product or service in a way that customers value more than what the competition is able to do. o The textbook reiterates a point it made in the first chapter. Technology is not nearly as important as what you do with it. o To gain a competitive advantage, you need to:   understand the business problem. understand the available technologies capable of solving a problem. o A temporary advantage simply means that whatever you do, sooner or later the competition duplicates what you’ve done, or even passes you with a better system. o The fist mover is the company who is first to market with a new IT-based product or service, may well capture new customers it never gives up, and it often gains additional benefits by being viewed as an innovative market leader. ...

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