Lecture Notes for MUSC 309 - History of Rock and Roll with Schwartz at Kansas (KU)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:MUSC 309 - History of Rock and Roll
University:University of Kansas
  • Strophic Form
  • Particularly
  • Complicated
  • Brill Building
  • Country Rock
  • Orientation
  • Interesting
  • The Everly Brothers
  • Impressions
  • On the Ground
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MUSC 309 Lecture 19: Singer/Songwriters of the 1970s I. Folk rock redoux A. CSNY 1. Supergroup, together from early 1969-late 1970 a. influence far greater than suggested by duration of band b. Not only for the personalities involved c. But harmonies, sound as well 2. Coming together of personalities from two prominent West Coast bands a. Stephen Stills Neil Young – Buffalo Springfield i. Acid-country rock-folk orientation ii. Similar to the Byrds, but more folkly iii. Ex. For What It’s Worth aa. What aspects are folk? bb. What is something else? iv. Core of CSNY sound b. David Crosby, from the Byrds c. Plus Graham Nash, of the Hollies – British Invasion band 3. Crosby, Stills, and Nash came together in 1968 a. Relaxed, folk character to songs b. Very tight harmonically c. But something missing –high harmonies d. Asked Young to join 4. All four songwriters, so output of varied character a. Especially on album Déjà Vu b. Example: Teach (Graham Nash) i. Country influence – pedal steel guitar sound (...

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