Lecture Notes for PHYS 120 - Gen Physics IIA at Siena (SIENA)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:PHYS 120 - Gen Physics IIA
University:Siena College
  • Heinrich Hertz
  • Amplitude Modulation (am)
  • Frequency Modulation (fm)
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Generalized
  • Magnetic Field Lines
  • Propagation
  • Ampere's Law
  • Communication
  • Magnetic Field
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1 Physi s 120 1 Electromagnetic Waves (Ch 22) ? James Clerk Maxwell ? Prediction of EM waves ? culmination of EM theory ? unified electricity and magnetism ? Extra Credit ? research life and achievements of Maxwell ? write a brief summary (~1 page) Physi s 120 2 Maxwell's Laws ? (1) a generalized for of Coulomb's law (Gauss's Law) ? (2) a similar law for the magnetic field, except magnetic field lines do not begin or end ? (3) an electric field is produced by a changing magnetic field (Faraday's Law) ? (4) a magnetic field is produced by an electric current (Ampere's Law), or by a changing electric field Physi s 120 3 Seen on TV! ? Faraday Flashlight Never Needs Batteries or Bulbs! The Faraday Flashlight uses no batteries or bulbs. Instead it uses your energy and induction to produce a bright light using efficient LED technology. Just shake the light for about 30 seconds and the Faraday Flashlight will provide about 5 minutes of light. During prolonged use it can be shaken fo...

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