Lecture Notes for CHEM 2201 - Organic Chemistry I with Davis at Temple (Temple)

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Material Type:Note
Class:CHEM 2201 - Organic Chemistry I
University:Temple University
Term:Spring 2010
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Dr. Nopper Asian Diaspora Week 8 Articles Writing Assignment [Due March 29] Drawing from all of the readings from week 8 (Kurashige: ?Crenshaw and the rise of multiethnic Los Angeles? and Tsuda: ?When minorities migrate: The racialization of the Japanese Brazilians in Brazil and Japan?) answer the following two questions: 1.) How were the Japanese internees treated by whites in Crenshaw after WWII and how did this relate to ?a global imaginary of integration?? [1 paragraph] The Japanese were the first to experience atomic bombs from the US. However, the US wanted to reconcile with the Japanese after all they have done to them, because they would be their new ally to bring democracy. And even the whole story on internment camps were covered up. In Crenshaw, ?suburban whites were willingly and openly selling homes to Japanese Americans in ways that were unimaginable before the war? (Kurashige p. 51). The global imaginary of integration was their way of rekindling their c...
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