Lecture Notes for THEA 1206 - Theater Appreciation at Baylor (BU)

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Material Type:Review Sheet
Class:THEA 1206 - Theater Appreciation
Subject:Theater Arts
University:Baylor University
Term:Spring 2010
  • Stage Directions
  • Point of Attack
  • Tragicomedy
  • Metatheatre
  • Blank Verse
  • Upper Class
  • Social Norms
  • Inciting Incident
  • Verisimilitude
  • Situation Comedy
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Theatre Review Unit 2 Vocabulary: Play plan for production, text includes dialogue and stage directions Dialogue text for play that is licensed, lines must be read as they are written Stage Directions text for play that can be changed Plot organization of the action, gives play unity Structure same as plot Linear Structure events progress forward in time Causal Structure one event causes the next Point of Attack how far from the climax the story telling begins Early POA episodic type play Exposition description of events that came before the point of attack Conflict man vs. man, man vs. himself, man vs. nature, ect. Often more than one within a play Inciting Incident what set everything in motion, argument. Always clear early Rising Action tensions rise, things are heating up Climax the ultimate realization of the conflict Falling Action the result Post Structuralism no strict story, disparate images and ideas (video we watched in class with snape) Metatheatre theatre that comments on itself Character a ficti...

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