Lecture Notes for MATH 220 - ELEM STATISTICS [C3T1G1] with Domangue at James Madison (JMU)

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  • Association
  • Observation
  • Response Variable
  • No Correlation
  • Controlling
  • Conservative
  • Conditional
  • Common Cause
  • Summary Table
  • Relationship
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Chapter 3 Association: Contingency, Correlation, and Regression 3.0 Introduction . Goal of Chapter: Examine the 'association' or re- lationship between two variables, one usually called responsevariableandtheotherexplanatory vari- able . Examples: - Is Expected Grade in Math 220 associated with math grades earned in high school? - Is Number of Pairs of Shoes Owned associated with or related to gender? . Definitions, page 90. The response variable is the outcome variable on which comparisons are made. The explanatory variable defines the groups to be compared with respect to values on the response variable. . Definition, page 90. An association exists between two variables if a particular value for one variable is 1 2 more likely to occur with certain values of the other variable 3.1 How We Explore the Association between Two Categorical Variables? A. Contingency Table (page 92). A display for two cat- egorical variables. Its rows list the categories and its columns list the categor...

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