Lecture Notes for AHRM 2404 - Consumer Rights with Fisher at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Note 16
Class:AHRM 2404 - Consumer Rights
Subject:Apparel, Housing, & Resour Mgt
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2008
  • Independent Agency
  • Inexpensive
  • Consumer Product
  • Contingency Fees
  • Product Liability
  • Regulations
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumer Responsibilities
  • Surveillance
  • Class Action
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AHRM 2404 Consumer Rights Safety Issues Chapter 16: Product  Statistics…  Each year, 1 in 4 Americans injured or killed  Deaths –  Vehicle crashes 41,800 Poisonings 6,000  Firearms 32,000 - Drownings 6,000  Falls 13,000 - Fires/burns 4,000  Consumer products 29,000  Accidents are leading cause of death for children Product Safety  Tension between safety advocates and product manufacturers  Government is referee  Political influences reduce government’s involvement Product Liability Example  Dalkon Shield IUD  (In 1970’s..doctor made new IUD type, was deemed safe…but not)  (Doctor that evauluated saftety of product was same doctor invented/benefiting from) Product Safety - Goals  Reduce # of injuried  Reduce the severity of injuries that happen  Important to determine causal factors Causal Factors in Injuries  Poorly designed or defective product  Normal use.  Misuse that is foreseeable (Riding a bike at night)  Incorrect age use childr...

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