Lecture Notes for BU 294 - Intro to Information Systems with Tollison at Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

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Material Type:Note
Class:BU 294 - Intro to Information Systems
University:Mississippi University for Women
Term:Spring 2007
  • Data Management Component
  • Decision Support System (dss)
  • Geographic Information System (gis)
  • Model Management Component
  • Geographic Information System
  • Implementation Phase
  • User Interface Management Component
  • Structured Decision
  • Information
  • Design Phase
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Decision Support Systems February 19 – February 23  Four Phases of Decision Making: o In the intelligence phase, you recognize and detect signals or signs that a problem is occurring or that an opportunity exists. Such signs might include customers asking for a new feature in a product, raising costs, declining sales, etc (p. 181). o In the design phase, you develop as many possible ways to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity (p. 181). o In the choice phase, you evaluate each possible solution and pick the best one (p. 181). o In the implementation phase, you implement the choice you made in the last step, monitor the results, and make adjustments as necessary (p. 181). o The four phases do not have to be carried out in order. You may back up and repeat steps as necessary (p. 181).  Types of Decisions: o A structured decision involves processing a certain kind of information in a specified way. No feel or intuition is necessary (p. 182). o A nonstructured decision is one that ha...

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