Lecture Notes for STA 2023 - Statistical Methods with Murphy at Valencia Comm College (VCC)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:STA 2023 - Statistical Methods
Subject:STA: Statistics
University:Valencia Community College
Term: 2006
  • Clinical Trial
  • Distribution
  • Provided That
  • Random Sample
  • Sample Proportion
  • Blood Pressure
  • Simple Random
  • Sampling Distribution
  • Standard Deviation
  • Unbiased Estimator
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1 NOTES: sample proportions sampling distributions A Simple Random Sample used to obtain p^ provides an unbiased estimator of p . In other words, the mean of the sampling distribution of the p^ numbers is p . In notation: Also, the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the p^ numbers is given by (where n is the sample size): Conditions/Requirements: Sample proportions ( p^ numbers) have a normal sampling distribution, with mean and standard deviation formulas above, provided certain conditions are met: 1. The sample proportion p^ must be obtained from a Simple Random Sample (SRS). 2. 10?np . (Note that some books say that it is sufficient for 5?np .) 3. 10)1( ?? pn . (Note that some books say that it is sufficient for 5)1( ?? pn .) 4. The population size is at least ten times the sample size ( n ). EXERCISES: 1. Suppose medical researchers think that 0.70 is the proportion of all teenagers with high blood pressure who...

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