Lecture Notes for BSC 1011 - General Biology II at Florida International (FIU)

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Material Type:Study Guide
Class:BSC 1011 - General Biology II
Subject:Biological Science
University:Florida International University
Term:Spring 2008
  • Differences
  • Deuterostomes
  • Similarities
  • Pseudocoelomate
  • Chondrichthyes
  • Organization
  • Protostomes
  • Echinodermata
  • Lateral Line
  • Key Characteristics
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BSC 1011 – Final exam review I. General a. Know the scientific names of all the phyla we have covered b. Be able to recognize the structures and functions of all the organisms we have dissected c. Know the scientific names (phyla and class) of all the organisms we have dissected d. Review your life tables for basic differences and similarities between the phyla Cnidaria and Porifera a. Use the following website to help you: i. http://rydberg.biology.colostate.edu/Dissections/metridium.htm b. What are the main characteristics of both phyla? i. Consider cellular organization, reproduction, feeding, symmetry 1. Know the associated vocabulary- fig. 36.3 ii. How do sponges reproduce? iii. How do sponges feed? 1. Make sure to know the associated vocabulary 2. Know the function and names of cells involved in the process iv. What is the general life cycle of Cnidaria? 1. How do the life stages differ? c. We have dissected Metridium i. Know which class and phylum is belongs to ii. How do sponges reproduce iii. Be ab...

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