Lecture Notes for BU 396 - Systems Oper Mgmt CANCELLED with Tollison at Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

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Material Type:Class Note
Class:BU 396 - Systems Oper Mgmt CANCELLED
University:Mississippi University for Women
Term:Fall 2007
  • Motherboard
  • Horizontally
  • Such Factors
  • Proprietary
  • Understanding
  • Temperature
  • Manufacturer
  • Communication
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Miscellaneous Motherboard Topics September 20 (Day); September 12 (Night)  The Layered Motherboard: o o Every motherboard is two or more layers thick. You can see the traces on the motherboard’s exterior. Every layer has its own wires which you cannot see. o Reasons for the layered approach:  Add more complexity (in other words, more wires) without increasing the size of the board.   Allow for shorter traces which allow for faster communication. Strengthen the board.  Little-used Motherboard Form Factors: o Slimline form factors were developed for the smaller computer. Examples include the LPX and the NLX form factors.  These form factors made use of a riser card. Expansion devices fit into the riser card horizontally.  Dedicated connectors were built into the motherboard for mice, keyboard, video, sound, printers, etc.  These form factors allowed for PC manufacturers to build computer smaller than 4 in. tall. NLX Motherboard with Riser Card o Intel developed the FlexATX in 1999...

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