Lecture Notes for PSYC 1315 - INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY with Cox at Texas - Arlington (UTA)

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Material Type:Note
University:University of Texas - Arlington
Term:Fall 2010
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1 STUDY AID EXAM 3 ? FALL 2008 Chapter 11 Personality ? Sigmund Freud's theory : Freud belied that we are strongly influenced by unconscious thoughts and feelings; it?s all about childhood and unconscious motivation 1. Id- term referring to biologically compelling drives that yield pleasure when satisfied; for 2. Ego- term for the tactics and strategies we employ to mediate between the id and Freud unconscious sexual and aggressive motives; unconscious psychic energy superego in order to satisfy mostly unconscious biological motives; executive mediator, 3. Superego- Freud?s term for mostly unconscious moral rules that influence behavior; outside awareness but accessible; conscious mind ? internalized ideals Defense mechanisms: the ego?s protective methods for reducing anxiety by unconsciously 1. Repression- unconsciously pushing anxiety-producing information out of awareness distorting reality. ? A young girl was sexually abused by her uncle. As an ad...
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