Lecture Notes for CHE 230.00 - Organic Chemistry I at Illinois State (ILSTU)

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Material Type:Outline
Class:CHE 230.00 - Organic Chemistry I
University:Illinois State University
  • Covalent Bonds
  • Sp Hybridization
  • Combination
  • Arrangement
  • Perspective
  • No Molecules
  • Single Bond
  • Configuration
  • Interaction
  • Resonance Structures
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1 ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I, DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY, ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY SPRING 2008 IMPORTANT TOPICS IN CHAPTER ONE 1.1 The Scope of Organic Chemistry: An Overview ¾ The importance of carbon in the context of the Periodic table ¾ Other atoms can participate in carbon based molecules Chemical reactivity is dictated by shape and electron distribution ¾ Historical perspective: Wöhler, 1828 1.2 Coulomb Forces: A simplified view of bonding ¾ Atoms are held together by chemical bonds ¾ Bonds are a result of Coulombic Interaction ¾ A chemical bond represents a balance between attractive and repulsive forces ¾ There are three types of bonding modes for carbon: single bond, double bond and triple bond 1.3 Ionic and Covalent Bonds ¾ Electron Configurations ¾ The Octet Rule: The closed shell configuration! ¾ Ionization potential: Energy required to remove an electron ¾ Electron affinity:...

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